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Sun - July 30, 2006

House Warming

It has been slightly more than a month since the event i just did not get around to blogging about it.

...We had a quite a gathering at the place, the number was far more than we anticipated but things did go smoothly.

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Sun - January 29, 2006

Moving to a new residence...

In fact we "discovered" that we had a whole lot of stuff and we even did not know how we collected so many items. Mekal and I made an initial trip with the first batch of items early January.

...It took us about two weeks or more to finally get all our utilities and other items sorted out.

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Fri - October 21, 2005

Athai Mama in Europe

Athai and Mama visited us briefly for about 3 weeks this summer.

...The trip on the whole was quite some fun.... Starting with Paradiso, Brugge, Gent (of course) , Brussels, Knokke and Antwerp in Belgium, Amsterdam in Holland and eventually to Paris to see them off to Detroit.

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Mon - August 15, 2005

Raj and Dharini's new home

Take care guys and enjoy the moving in and all the fun that goes with it.

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Initially i was very skeptical on podcasts but very quickly i realized that i can now listen to so many individual broadcasters (podcasters) who generate quite a lot of relevant and interesting content for free. The choice is indeed spectacular from amateur to very professional and thought provoking content and even lessons.

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Impact of blogs on me

Recently i also found that blogs help in tapping into the experience of individuals even for ideas on planning my trips to my vacation destinations.

...While i do not tend to make decisions based on one blog but a general consensus among many blogs does indeed provides feedback which in my experience has been difficult to ignore. On the whole this new found democracy in voicing opinions is indeed a working to be a very helpful tool in my daily life.

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Tue - July 19, 2005

First impressions on os x

Having got my powerbook, i was all filled with excitement on how it feels to use one regularly.... I was actually thinking that having experienced using the powerbook and os x panther briefly that was all to it. Or so i thought , i was bracing for an anti-climax however it did not turn out to be an anti-climax after all.

...She managed to install and began surfing in about 15 minutes , now that just struck me hard.

...One of my first treats was to launch the terminal and feel the Unix beneath and it gave me immense satisfaction.... I found myself just experiencing joy at just using the powerbook.... Installation of software which were mainly drag and drop was a welcome change and it was a bit daunting to get used to the simplicity.

...I was thinking of retaining my old notebook (Toshiba SP 2100 Pro) around in case she would take time to getting accustomed to the Powerbook.

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Sat - July 16, 2005

My Powerbook

This being my first purchase experience with Apple i was naive to believe that i will soon have my powerbook after all the lead time indicated was 3-5 days.... Then as fate would have it there was apparently no place on the plane that day for my powerbook it was booked on the next flight on Feb 17th 2005, damn K&N. I was then literally tracking my package from Shanghai to Luxembourg to Netherlands and finally on Feb 21, 2005, 3 weeks after my order my powerbook finally arrived.

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Harry Potter and the Half blood Prince

The purchase experience was actually an anti-climax, having expected a huge crowd at the store we noticed only one person in front of us. In fact Mekal had a HBP to call her own in under a minute.

The return back home was interesting though, while usually during any of our shopping trips i get to be chivalrous and carry most of the bags home this time though i was stripped of that privilege.

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Fri - July 15, 2005

Preparing for the release of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

July 16th , 2005 was a much awaited day, no it was not an anniversary but the release of the sixth book of Harry Potter and the half blood prince.

...Will we get there on time and grab a copy we have wait and see one more day...

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Wed - July 6, 2005

My switch to a Mac

A little more than 4 months ago , 10 Feb 2005 to be precise i made a decision to switch to a Mac. While i had heard a lot about the (legendary) ergonomics of a mac i was not convinced enough to use one let alone buy one.... My perceptions of a Mac were shaped by my experiences with Mac OS 9 about 6 years ago. All i remembered were that they were strange looking brightly colored machines.

...I vaguely remember that it started around Jan 2005 when i was on the lookout for a new notebook. Out of curiosity i started to learn more about OS X, i was hooked though still was not convinced to buy one.... The mere thought of having the power of Unix was enough to kindle a strong liking for the Mac.... Even then i was also planning on having it dual boot onto Linux (Debian) as i really wanted to work with Unix more.

It was a painful 2 months when all i was doing was reading up all about OS X and hanging around in Mac forums trying to decide if i should move to the other side. I was only too aware of the numerous issues others faced on getting Linux on a laptop but i was cautiously confident of having the power of Unix with me.

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Tue - July 5, 2005


Frankly I just did not get around to it even though i had read a lot about blogging. I now realize that there is so much information that I come across which is worth sharing and blogging helps to just do that. In many cases the ideas dont require an entire article anyway.... A lot of my colleagues, friends and family members have taken to this form of communication to keep in touch and communicate with each other.

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