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September 2005...
Athai Mama @ Europe
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December 2004...
X'Mas and New Year 2005.
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Community @ MvpZone

Raj-Dharani @ MvpZone

Nimal @ MvpZone

Making a home

Raj and Dharani recently achieved a major new milestone. They just got ready to make their own home. After much deliberation they finally found their dream home. The project is in full swing and Raj and Dharani anticipate to move into their new home in May 2005. Congratulations folks! Photos

Online Blog

Nimal recently started his own blog online. They are filled with short accounts of some mundane experiences but authored in an entertaining way. More

Raj-Dharani @ MvpZone

Raj-Dharani @ MvpZone

Chicago 2004

A sequel to their never ending trips Raj & Dharani spent time at Chicago to bid adieu to mama and athai who concluded their short but eventful trip to attend Arjun and Sudha's reception. Photos

Niagra 2004

Raj & Dharani had a trip to Niagra with relatives and cousins. There are wonderful pictures of most of the family. Photos

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