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Photos @ MvpZone - Mekals Baby Shower

This album has 139 photos in total. Album was created on 13-Jan-2007 16:53:49.
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Baby Shower For Mekal

Name: IMG_2122
Info: Starting the decorations.
Date: 05-Jan-2007 21:07:27

Name: IMG_2125
Info: Busy with decorations.
Date: 05-Jan-2007 21:10:18

Name: IMG_2126
Info: So far so good.
Date: 05-Jan-2007 21:12:12

Name: IMG_2127
Info: Getting ready.
Date: 06-Jan-2007 13:09:20

Name: IMG_2128

Date: 06-Jan-2007 13:09:43

Name: IMG_2129

Date: 06-Jan-2007 13:10:34

Name: IMG_2131
Info: Niveditha punctual as always...
Date: 06-Jan-2007 13:11:04

Name: IMG_2132
Info: Having a quick chat...
Date: 06-Jan-2007 13:11:17

Name: IMG_2133
Info: Mekal all set...
Date: 06-Jan-2007 14:00:23

Name: IMG_2135

Date: 06-Jan-2007 14:01:18

Name: IMG_2136

Date: 06-Jan-2007 14:01:32

Name: IMG_2137
Info: Parkatha yenna parkatha...
Date: 06-Jan-2007 14:01:48

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